Keyless Locks

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Keyless locks provide security from intrusion thanks to lock-picking resistance. They are also convenient, and some can be opened remotely using encrypted Radio Frequency/Infared remote controls. We offer keypad locks and finger biometric verification systems for ultimate home security. KeylessPro is a pioneer of the keyless locksets in the US, providing quality locks using Radio Frequency (R/F), Infrared (I/F), Keypad, and Fingerprint security systems. Since 2000, Keyless Pro has sold tens of thousands of keyless locks to retailers, locksmiths, builders, contractors, and home owners.

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Keyless Lock Features Models

Keypad + Remote Combo Lock (Q Series)Keypad + Remote Lock
Keep your home protected with a 2-8 digit security code and radio frequency transmitter. A backlit keypad, remote transmitter, and two keys provide a number of convenient operations.

Keypad Keyless Lock (P, H Series)Keypad Keyless Lock
Keep your home protected with a 2-8 digit security code which accepts up to 6 different combinations that can be added/deleted individually.

Radio Frequency (R/F) Remote Control Lock (R Series)(R/F) Remote Control Lock
Locks and unlocks the door by Radio Frequency (R/F) remote control, with minimum 15-ft radius range, and up to 30-ft if no object between the lock and the remote; backed up by two conventional keys.

Infared (IF) Remote Control Lock(IF) Remote Control Lock
Locks and unlocks the door via Infrared (I/F) remote control, about 4-6 feet in front of door lock (line of sight), backed up by two conventional keys.

Mechanical PushbuttonMechanical Push Button
A 13 button keypad provides over 8,000 code combinations. Adjustable 60 mm and 70 mm deadbolt backset provides full mechanical pushbutton operation; no batteries, no wiring.

Knock N’ Open Lock
Knock N Open
No keyholes or contact points means a lock that cannot be picked or tampered with. To open, enter the opening code (4-6 digits) into the special “KnocKey” and press it to the exterior surface of the door. The KnocKey then transfers the opening code through solid materials (metal, good, glass, etc.) and unlocks the door. Special encryption formulas prevent unwanted entry due to alterations in the code. This is the safest lock available for your home, apartment, business, warehouse, etc.